when i was a little girl, i would beg my dad for a house near the ocean. it went from a little girl pleading for us to take the 1 hour 45 minute ride to the beach on the weekends to, as i got older, trying to reason with my father in the only talk he understood – that it was a good investment. that property near the shore would appreciate (i was right. i remind him of this from time to time.)

i am fascinated by the beach. i feel no more at home or at peace than with my feet buried in the sand looking out at the endless ocean and feeling a breeze (on a good day) through my hair. ( i could do without the seagulls).
having grown up in an area just 1,5 hours from the beach, i never understood why we never went theremore often as kids. especially because it held such a fasination for me. truthfully the fascination has never ended.
it’s not the day at the beach that warms me up on the inside. it’s the waking up by and watching the sunset that are my favorite part. have you ever shared a romantic date on the beach? i have…once πŸ™‚ and the guy was hideous but man, he did look a lot better under the starry skies πŸ™‚
so you ask why? i’m not sure why. i think perhaps i was born to love it. i am a fire sign (leo) but my moon sign is cancer (moon). so the sun and the moon rule my chart. i get both at the beach. the fire (under sun) and the romance of the moon and the tides.
when i was 8…the tides almost swept me away. i remember that day so clearly, that experience so clearly. we were at the beach with my dad’s best friend and his wife. my brother was off doing his own thing as always and i had made a friend for the day – a little girl probably a couple of years older than me. we were playing in the water and the parents were not too far away. i’m not sure exactly what happened but i remember one minute being on steady ground and the next my foot dropping onto nothing and getting caught in seaweed or something. it pulled me under and down i went. but instead of panicking i remember being able to clearly see the sun sparkle in the water. i remember being calm and serene. i wasn’t scared. it was peaceful and oddly almost heavenly.
i heard the lifeguard whistle, i remember being startled only once the lifeguards pulled me out of the water and onto the boat. i remember the look on my mom’s face. as if she had almost lost her life. and i remember telling her “i’m ok mom. i’m fine. look, i’m fine.” if you look at the pictures from that day you can see that within minutes i had found my friend once again and we were off at play – this time on the sand only at the strict request of those around me πŸ™‚
i know that someday when i retire, i’m moving to the beach. i don’t care if that looks like me alone or me with someone or me with lots of people…i just know that i would love to spend my last days staring out into the ocean, looking back on a life lived. if this happens i can promise you…i’ll be smiling πŸ™‚


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